Bantayan Island to Hagnaya Port – Getting Back to Cebu City

When the Holiday Comes to an End

Leaving Bantayan Island

When your holiday comes to an end, it will most certainly be a sad day when you have to leave the island. Head to Santa Fe Port and buy a ticket back to Hagnaya Port.

Direct Bus?

If you happen to see a Ceres direct bus in the parking lot, you might be able to get a seat if there’s room. Just speak to the driver. Again, this direct bus keeps you from having to deal with your luggage while riding the ferry.

Your other option for the direct bus is to get on board at its starting point on the town square, in the Municipality of Bantayan. Currently, it departs from in front of the tourist information office.

If you’re staying in the Santa Fe area, this option really isn’t practical.

However, from the Bantayan or Madridejos area, riding the direct bus from where it departs on the town square does makes sense.

Sign the Manifest

After you purchase a ferry ticket, sign your name on the manifest, which is lying on the white table in front of the ticket windows.

Pay 5 Pesos Terminal Fee

Pay 5 pesos for the terminal fee at the desk in the waiting area.

Proceed down the green covered walkway.

Pay Another 5 Pesos Terminal Fee

Near the end of the covered walkway, you will reach a second payment window just before the departure lounge. You will pay another 5 pesos at this location. We still haven’t figured this one out.

Waiting Area

Take a seat until it’s time to board.

Have your ticket stub handy because the port personnel will ask for it as you walk out the door to begin boarding.

Ferry Ride to Hagnaya Port

Sit on the right side of the boat if you want to take photos of the fishing boats near Hagnaya.

Hagnaya Port

Upon arrival at Hagnaya Port, there will be Ceres buses standing by in the back parking lot. Proceed straight there and jump aboard a Cebu-bound bus. Usually, you don’t have to wait for more than a few minutes before the bus departs.

Need a Taxi?

As you disembark from the ferry, the porters will ask you if you want a taxi direct to Cebu City and that they can give you a good price.

We recommend that you do not negotiate with them in reference to obtaining a taxi, as they will cause your fare to be higher along with a lot of confusion. However, if you happen to see a taxi parked in the area, speak direct with the driver. Often, the taxi drivers are just looking for enough money to cover their journey back down to Cebu City. You may be able to negotiate the ride down to around 1,000 pesos if you’re lucky.

Consider this option if you’re pressed for time and need to get to the airport.

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