The Bus Ride to Hagnaya Port from Cebu City

Get a Glimpse of Life in the Province

The Bus Ride to Hagnaya Port

The Ceres bus ride takes approximately three and a half hours to reach Hagnaya Port. It is a very scenic route that’s a mini tour in itself. You’ll get a closeup look at local Filipino life in Cebu Province.

The bus will stop to pick up and drop off passengers during the entire journey.

The Bus Makes One Rest Stop

The bus will stop halfway into the trip for a fifteen-minute break.

The rest stop has a restaurant, bakery, and vendors who sell barbecue, cold drinks, and snacks. There’s a small coffee shop off to the left side. You can buy beer in the coffee shop but it’s a bit expensive compared to local prices.

The restroom facilities at this stop are not that great and could use some improvement (to be honest about it). Make sure you have coins because it is a pay toilet.

Note that there is no CR / restroom on the Ceres bus.

Cebu North Hagnaya Wharf Road
San Remigio Central Visayas PH
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