Hagnaya Port

Port Information

Arrival at Hagnaya Port

When you get to Hagnaya Port, you will be approached by porters offering to carry your bags onto the ferry. If you need assistance, a fair price is around forty to fifty pesos per bag.

If you are ticketed to Hagnaya Port only, you will need to grab all of your belongings as you leave the bus, negotiate with porters if necessary, and then proceed inside to the ticket office.

If you are ticketed on the direct RORO bus all the way to Bantayan Island, your luggage will remain on board. 😀

Simply proceed to the ticket office.

Purchase a Ferry Ticket

All passengers will need to purchase a ferry ticket to Santa Fe Port (Bantayan Island).

Ferry Ticket Prices and Schedules

Sign the Manifest

Write your name on the manifest, which is usually on a clipboard, on a table near the ticket windows. The manifest is for accountability and insurance purposes so we recommend you put down at least semi-accurate information.

Pay the Terminal Fee

Pay the terminal fee (25 pesos) at the desk located immediately after the ticket windows.

Port Amenities + Services

If the ferry is not boarding right away, there is a nice waiting area with ample seating.

Several vendors in the port sell barbecue, local food, and cold drinks.

Boarding the Ferry

As you are taking your seat on the ferry, several ladies will be selling banana-que (grilled bananas) and boko juice (coconut juice). It’s a delicious snack for the ride.

Make sure you hold onto your ticket stub because they often check a second time after everyone is seated on the ferry.

Take note that the stairs on the ferry are a bit steep. Fifty pesos for a porter is a cheap price to pay to avoid straining yourself with heavy luggage. If you take the direct bus, this is obviously not an issue as your bags remain secured on board.

Tax on “Cartons”

Another note is that if you are traveling with any type of cardboard box that could be considered as cargo, they may charge you an additional transportation fee at Hagnaya Port. Once you arrive on Bantayan Island, the Santa Fe Port personnel may also try to tax you for the “carton” as they call it. It’s best to put any type of brown cardboard box in a suitcase or a bag to avoid additional fees.

The Ferry Ride – Take Some Selfies

The ferry ride takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes from ramp up to ramp down.

Sit on the left side of the ferry as you depart Hagnaya so you can take some photos of the colorful, local fishing boats moored along the coastline.

Cell Service

If you’re using Globe for your cell service and internet, typically you will have service the entire trip to Bantayan Island.

Amenities on the Ferry

There is a CR / restroom on the ferry. The ferry also has a small snack bar that serves chips and drinks.

Missed the Last Boat to Bantayan Island? Don’t Worry.

Occasionally, weather conditions will cause the authorities and the shipping companies to suspend ferry operations for passenger safety. If this happens and you find yourself stuck at Hagnaya Port, don’t worry.

There are a couple of resorts nearby.

One that has a really nice swimming pool is the Hagnaya Beach Resort and Restaurant. It’s about five minutes away from the port via motorbike taxi. Just grab a room there and enjoy the amenities. They have a restaurant and bar for your convenience as well. The desk clerks can contact the port for you the next morning to make sure the ferry service has resumed normal operations.

San Remigio Beach Club Hotel is another option that’s close to Hagnaya Port.

There are a couple of small guesthouses right there by the port. The rates are reasonable and the rooms are ok.

One is the E & P Pink Pension House (formerly Pilar Pension House). The room rate is 1000 pesos per night with air-conditioning. Their contact number is 09556216566 or 09175376196 (Globe). The rooms are clean.

Overnight Vehicle Parking at the Port

Overnight vehicle parking is available at the port. If you go inside the port building and speak with the gentleman collecting the tax, here are the prices:

  • Motorbike – 20 pesos per day
  • Car – 50 pesos per day
  • Van – 70 pesos per day
  • Truck – 100 pesos per day

If you negotiate with anyone outside, you’re going to pay between 150 and 300 pesos because they are middle men taking a commission.

A short distance up the hill from the port is a parking area that advertises parking for 150 pesos per day. If you are leaving the port, it will be on your left. Look for a white and blue metal gate. The parking area is concrete and the location is fenced in. In our opinion, this location looks to be pretty secure. While we can’t guarantee anything, it’s probably where we would leave our vehicles overnight. It’s a two-minute walk down the hill to the port from this parking area.

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