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Santa Fe Port – Arriving on Bantayan Island

Santa Fe Port – Bantayan Island

When you get to Santa Fe Port, you will be met by a herd of porters.


Luggage Porters at Santa Fe Port on Bantayan Island

The same price of fifty pesos per bag is fair if you need assistance with your luggage.

Direct Bus Riders

If you are ticketed on the direct RORO bus to Bantayan Municipality, just wait for it to drive off the ferry. You can then either retrieve your luggage and take a taxi to your resort, or you can get back on the bus and continue on.

You can get off the bus anywhere along the route to Bantayan Town.

The majority of the resorts are in the direction the bus is going. Let the conductor know which resort you are staying at and he will drop you off at the closest point.

Check out our Map of Bantayan Island for your hotel’s location.

Santa Fe Port Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

Welcome to Santa Fe, Bantayan Island

Where Are You Going?

As you depart the ferry, many people will approach you asking about where you are going, do you have a hotel, do you need a tricycle, etc.

While they are all just trying to make a living, we recommend that you just keep walking through the covered walkway all the way to the exit by the tourism registration desk.


Covered Walkway from the Ferry to the Tourist Registration Desk and Transportation


Keep Walking


Tricycle and Bicycle Taxi Parking Area – Find a Ride Here

There, you can negotiate directly with a bicycle or motorbike-taxi driver.

That way, there are no “middle men” involved.

Tourist Registration and Ecological Fee

If you’re a tourist or non-resident, you have to stop by the tourism desk at the end of the covered walkway and register. You will also have to pay 30 pesos for the ecological fee.

How to Get to Bantayan Island Arriving at Santa Fe Port Tourist Register Ecological Fee

Non-Residents Must Register with Tourism Office and Pay Ecological Fee

How to Get to Bantayan Island Arriving at Santa Fe Port Tourist Register Pay Ecological Fee

Pay 30 Pesos Ecological Fee

How to Get to Bantayan Island Arriving at Santa Fe Port Tourist Register

Sign Tourist Register

You Need a Hotel?

The taxi drivers will be quick to “recommend” a hotel, but realize they are taking you wherever they can make a commission and it may not be the type of accommodations you are really looking for.

Bicycle Taxis

The local rate for a bicycle taxi is 10 pesos per person. This will take you from Santa Fe Port to the Santa Fe Town Center area (Batobalonos Street). If you are going past Town Center, you may have to pay a little bit extra.


Motorbike Taxis – “Tricycles”

The cost for a motorbike taxi is 20 pesos per person to the Santa Fe Town Center area.

Santa Fe Port Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines Tricycle

As with any travel situation, make sure to confirm the price before you accept the ride.

This will prevent any conflicts upon arrival.

Most of the taxi drivers on Bantayan are fair and reasonable, but with increasing tourist numbers it’s better to know the price up front.

Ask Your Resort to Pick You Up at the Port

The larger resorts offer free guest pickup at the port.

If you already have a room booked, contact the hotel in advance and see if they can send a car for you.

If they don’t respond right away, don’t wait around. Jump in a bicycle taxi or a tricycle and roll! It’s cheap and you’re supporting the local economy.

Didn’t Make Any Plans?

For the adventurous types who have arrived on the island without making any plans, just tell the bicycle taxi driver to take you to HR Bar.

That’s in the Santa Fe Town Center area, so you’ll be within walking distance to several hotels.

Sip on a cold 35-peso San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer (happy-hour price) while you figure out where to stay.

Take a look at agoda.com for some ideas.

Please help us by posting any updated travel information in the comment section below. Feel free to reply to the questions of other travelers as well. Thanks! 🙂

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